Thursday, September 11, 2008

Complain - Sybase 365

Ok. I don't know how many of you got this being charged to your phone bill every month. Every month, there's this Sysbase 325 service provider fee being charged to my a/c. And apparently, it is a iPhone contest sms saying that you reply to a question asked via sms and you stand a chance to win a iPhone! I wasn't at all interested and totally ignore and delete the msg everytime i received it. But unknowingly, all these sms sent to me were being charged to my hp bill every month at $4 per sms! What the.... Its like.. hello... even if there must be someone to pay, it should be the company who sent this sms! And NOT THE CONSUMER! And also, i din even reply to that stupid msg at all and why do I have to pay for sth which I DID NOT use? Ridiculous.

So this morning, i called the Singtel customer care. I was quite thankful that the lady who spoke to me was very nice. She agreed to help me cancel this thing and refund back the amount paid for the past few mths...

I hope that I'm the ONLY one who kenna this spam thing. haha. Last nite, i went to google on this Sybase365 thingy and realised that alot of ppl kena. Even posted in stomp. hahaha. One was saying that he encountered with a bad customer care lady who keep transferring his call to other department... Well.. this is the first time i called to complain lor.. haha.. but was happy tht i am able to get back refunds. haha.

Bottom line : Don't be as foolish / silly / naive / whatever... as ME to go sign up for such things.. frankly speaking, i don't even know when / where did i go sign up for this lah.. i'm also not the one who will sign up for online contests.. arghz.. whatever.. hopefully when i see my next bill, i'll be able to see sth nice.. :D

That's all.. back to work.. take care frens~

Saturday, August 30, 2008

~Happy Birthday Love~

Another event for the month of August will be Dar's birthday!

For the week before his bday, I was on a secret mission.

Mission one:
Learn to bake cake. haha. It's my FIRST time trying to bake. Was finding some cake/muffins recipe online but seems too tough for a first timer. haha. So, switched the thought over to baking cookies~ But ended up, i did a brownie cake for my dar. Hee.

Mission two:
Making of calendar. Had been thinking about what to make for dar's bday. Initially i wanted to make a card. but i have no design in mind. Had been searching online for nice bday designs inspirations but to no avail. Guess my design creatvity is really l-i-m-i-t-e-d. haha. So, i got the inspirations to make a calendar from... eve san~ or rather weekian. haha. And ta-da.. my very own 2009 calendar is out! (below). Dar: I know you will read this post. Hope you like this little calendar with our pics on it~ Reminds you of the little things that we have gone through. The holiday trips, v-day 2008, our month-iversary etc. :D

Mission three:
Planning your surprise visit. It's really hard to keep a little secret from your love one. haha. Planned to give dar a surprise appearance (with his cake and gifts) at 12mn~ Hope to be the first one to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ :D Thankfully, things did go well and tada, my surprise appearance was a success! haha.

Mission four:
Buy dar's bday gift. I always love Bruan Buffel. Their wallets are nice and durable~ Since dar's wallet is already wearing out. I decided to get him a new one~ But most of the time i will spend time with him, so is hard for me to go buy his present. Even when i am alone, that's when he's in school and i'm at home, i also lazy to go out. hahaha. Well, at least i still managed to get his gift when i finished my meeting with client on one weekday~ haha.

Mission five:
Rebond my hair. haha. Wanted to surprise dar with my new straight hair. haha. But ended up meeting him on wed nite (nite b4 i surprise him at his hse). haha. I had to plan when to go rebond my hair w/o letting him know. haha. Good timing was when he had to go to his fren's place for proj discussion and not being able to be home to chat with me online. If not, he'll be able to see my new hairstyle over webcam. haha. but no use, he still sees it before the actual day. haha.

Mission six:
Activities before dinner. Went to catch "Money No Enough 2" at DownTown East. Had Mr. Chicken Rice for lunch. The chicken rice inside downtown east shopping center is really nice. haha. i love their chicken rice. haha. Yup. The movie was great. Made me cry so much.. on such a happy day. haha. My love teared too. :P I always feel so sweet that a guy can actually tear when watching a sad scene. This shows that he is so sentimental. Good guy quality. haha. Dar: Like this praise? lol.

Mission seven:
Selecting a place for a nice dinner. This one is a tough one. Tougher than making the calendar. haha. I'm not good with planning you see.. haha.. had to plan the whole day activity. haha. So for the past week or two, i have been searching online, looking at forums, in search for a nice dinner place. Finally decided on this cafe place called Sweet Indulgence. Very nice cosy place for a little sweet dinner. Hee. The food was nice also. We had soup, black cod fish, us-flown steak. The service was good too. :)

*soup of the day*

*black cod for him*

*steak for her*

*after dinner*

Mission eight:
After dinner activity. Proceeded to Dempsey Hill. I've heard lots about this place but nv been there. So here's my our chance. :P Ben's and Jerry at Dempsey Hill was our next destination. The whole Dempsey area was so nice. I like the feel when you are there. It's out-of-city kind of feel though the crowd is there. haha. We had to find our own seats over there and queue to take orders. haha. But still, it's a nice experience~

That's all that i planned for the day~ :D After desserts, nite was still young. When up to Mt Faber for nice scenery~ haha. It's beautiful up there. There's this telescope (i think that's what it is called. haha).. a dollar to start viewing. Lasted for quite some time. Was able to see buildings from far. And we saw a building or two that had fire on the roof top. Gosh. I was abit shock. I din know if the building was ACTUALLY on fire or ON PURPOSE. hahaha... But it doesn't seem to be the former, since the fire din seem to spread. hahaha. Or maybe i was thinking too much. It may not be a fire afterall. Haha. After a short stay at Mt Faber, we went to east coast for a spin~ haha. Our fav place.

That's the end of dar's birthday celebration! haha. Felt so proud of myself.. to be able to plan a day's activities. Letting dar not to worry abt where to go after next. haha. But still, thanks to dar for being the "chauffeur" of the day~ hahaha... w/o him, we can't go to so many nice places in a day~ :D

Commex 2008

omg.. its been more than a month since i last posted! haha. Had been busy with work. Well, not that now i'm not busy le, but coz i just bought my new lappy!! Her name is call Protege aka Progy. That's her name for now, who knows i might change name for her. haha. Well, i went for Commex 2008 on thurs~ Yeah. First day! haha. Went there with xw, jourdan and vina. Well, had a little lunch before proceeding to commex. First day only and the crowd is... haha. Initially it wasnt that bad coz still early. Later on after 1 round of walking, the crowd starts to come and by then, i was like being "pushed" to follow where the crowd goes. haha. Saw a few frens while roaming ard. hehe. The feeling is like "wooo, so crowded and i can still meet my frens. Lucky." haha.

Okie, i went there with a aim to buy lappy. Ever since my keyboard from my old Fujitsu came off, i've been wanting to change. haha! oops. Ok lah.. the lappy i think also quite slow le. Think i did not take care of it. hehe. So went there in mind to get a fujitsu lappy. Coz my prev one was quite gd actually. Acer/IBM/NEC was out of my list. haha. Just dun like these brands. Toshiba counter was the first stop (its situated just at the entrance of the hall~ cool rite?) And i came across M800 Protege. Woo.. first look at it. I start to like it. Firstly coz is PINK! haha. Secondly, is small (13.4 inch). Thirdly, weight is abt 1.99kg. Haha. But the sales guy who attended to us... was chinese-speaking. Me and dar had to converse with him in chinese throughout. haha. Imagine i had to ask him abt antivirus (杀毒软件), battery life (电磁寿命), specs etc.. all these is chinese! hahahahahhaha. Well, overall this guy still quite okie. At least he knows the stuff. haha.

Proceeded on to visit Fujitsu booth. Yeah. Came across this Fujitsu lappy with good specs but the weight is 2.2kg! haha. Heavy man. The sales ger who attended to us was quite gd. She knows her lappy too. But i guess all memorise one lah. haha. Can see.. coz she doesn't know where to check the screen resolution on the com. haha. :P the thing abt Fujitsu is.. the lappy are all silver/white/black. haha. No other colors. lolx.

With Toshiba and Fujitsu lappy ranking number 1 and 2, we proceeded off to other booths. Caught an interesting sight. M1 uses a traffic police guy to direct the human flow to their M1 counter~ hahaha.. So you can hear *beep beep* when u are near the booth. lol. At first i tot how come got traffic police in the hall. Is it really to direct the traffic. lolx. Until i saw the logo on his cap (called berat ?) haha.

So off we go, walking ard.. going to Acer, IBM, LG, Compaq, Sony etc booths.. ok.. though i don't like Acer and IBM, i had to keep my choices open right. haha. So went to visit their booths. Acer lappy are kinda bulky. Are isit that i'm too bias aly? :P IBM lappy are too dull ! How to have mood for work rite! haha. I always love Sony Vaio series. Went to take a look at the CR series. Gosh.. so beautiful. But ex. And specs not as good. That's the trade off for specs vs design. haha. Thing abt sony is, the lappy comes hand in hand with a lappy sleeve and a mouse. All of the same color~ gosh. The sleeve also nice~ hahhahaa..

So after walking for a few hours, I decided. Or rather, dar and jourdan helped me to decide lah. hahaha. So, here i am, typing this post with my new Progy M800! It's pink! hahaha... And the lappy is so cool With pink case and white lights on my lappy mouse pad and touch key for the sound and media player! hahaha.. Oh yah. I got quite a good deal i think. Got a free 160GB portable h/d for free too~ upgrade to 4GB ram and extended warranty. haha.. Guess the last day they will throw in even more freebies. Haha. but nvm~ I had my progy now~ no need to squeeze with the crowd. haha. I Love my Progy.. haha..

Had been playing around with Progy, installing programs (for work! not leisure~). Setting up all the antivirus and stuff. So far so gd. hehe. Now i'm so proud to bring Progy out. lol.. she's so beautiful~

That's Progy~ :D

If you guys are heading down for Commex this weekend, ENJOY urself! (with the crowd..) lolx... :P Have a great weekend my dears~

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Favourite Pose!

My favourite picture of my graduation day!

A scene in which we all see in shows right.. and yes! we all did it! It's a very memorable moment, being able to throw our motarboard highhhhhhhhhhh up into the sky! Yeah! Congrats to Class 2008! Ok. Think cannot see me. I'm behind ks. So.... haha.. Anyway, this is still a very nice pic that i love!!! :D

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yeah! Yippy! Hurray!

I have graduated!

That's my little linus given to me by my daddy and mummy!

Daddy, mummy and dar attended my convocation~

My pillarS of support during my stay in uni ~ *hugs*

They are my best gers throughout uni~

The guy who shared all my happy and sad moments... *muacks*

Yeah! I graduated~

Love you both, Daddy,Mummy!

Well, guess a picture speaks a thousand words. What's more, there are so many pics here. haha. Have enjoyed my day very much. Being able to graduate with all my dear friends is something that i'm so happy of. Proud of everyone of you! Life w/o you guys would be a bore to me during these 3 yrs of stay in uni. haha.

To my uni dears: Thanks for the wonderful memories you have created for me during my stay in nus. Would nv forget all the happy, funny moments we shared together! Time has come for us to step into another phase of life. Carry on the great job you guys have done so far! Hopefully we will be able to meet up often too!

To my dar dar: Thanks for being there for me, giving me encouragement whenever i faced problems or am stressed from sch work. Thank you for everything. *muacks* Finally i have graduated and soon... very soon it will be your turn! hehe :) Thanks for your graduation gift too~ hehehe... We shall go take a nice nice photo and i'll put it in the graduation album okie? hehe... *hugs* Now's your turn to carry on ur studying life le, jia you! i'll give you the same 100% support you had for me during my uni days. Study hard orh~ Gambatte! hehehe... And as a sidenote, "Happy 7 months!" in advanced (abt an hour to go...) *muacks*

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What a week..

hey ppl, my grandpa is gonna be discharged soon! probably this sat! yeah! Well, since he din go for the op, he has to be on the wheel chair. Tmr and fri will will be going down with the new maid to attend the physio therapy class to help grandpa to exercise his legs. Hope things will go smoothly!

Well, while all these are taking place, another incident happened. A close fren of the family, an uncle, or rather, he's slightly older than my grandpa... he is someone who watched me grow up from a little premature baby till now.. he had a fall in the toilet.. YES! toilet again! STupId toilet! Worse, he was not dressed coz he was bathing at that time. Poor uncle. He was lying there himself for 3 whole days.. with no water, no clothes, no food...gosh.. can u guys imagine.. haiz.. real sad. My family got to know on monday. We were soooo shocked. Went down ttsh to visit grandpa then visit uncle. Yah. Both of them stayed at the same hospital. But on monday itself, xiao gu told me not to visit uncle. Coz, it was said that his condition was very bad. His skull cracked, with bones broken and probably kidney failure. We gotta prepare for the worst. Xiao gu was afraid that i might not be able to take it so asked me to stay with grandparents while my aunts and dad went to visit uncle. Well, it's also not advisable for my grandma to go see uncle too. Scared she too sad also. Aly her hubby is in hosp.. yah...

But somehow, a miracle happened. Yesterday (Tuesday) nite, we got to know that uncle is kinda better! Amazing rite.. though we understand that he's on life support machine. Today, i got the chance to visit uncle. He still recognise me! i'm so touched. I told myself not to let down a tear in front of him. Although i'm sad to see him becoming so frail and he's face has changed. Body shrunk. :( Friends from PLMC came to visit uncle. Aunt and the fellow frens prayed together with uncle. Well, though i'm not a christian, i'm touched when they started to pray, holding uncle's hands.. tears welled up. Uncle was a lonely man. His kids had left him. Thankfully, there are these kind souls coming to visit uncle.. letting him know that he is not alone... I really hope that miracles will happen to uncle and also to my grandpa. HOpe both of them will get well very very very soon. :)

Now for some happier things.. hehe.. received my parcel today. Ordered my first top that i bought online. hahaha. I tend to look at clothes online but this is my first time buying online clothes. haha. So happy to know that the top fits me and is nice! haha. Shall try more online shopping as time goes. lol.

Anyway, today, I'm so forgetful. Left my hp at dar's place. So, pls dun contact me for the nite and the following day till the late afternoon! hehe.

And one last thing, today is my gd gd fren's birthday! Happy Birthday Limin san! (Though i know u wont read my blog~ haha).

*Share your love. Don't be selfish. *

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Not happy...

grandpa is unable to go for the op. lungs not fit for 3 hr op. Might suffer from stroke, heart attack or even death. We dun want to risk. I want a grandpa who can still nag at me. So we decided to leave things as it is and let the fracture heal by itself. Takes longer time but rather than taking the risk of op. Sad thing is, he's going to be wheel chair bound. Fracture will heal but he can't walk anymore. I nv ever tot such things will happen to my family. Who would rite?

We broke the news to grandpa. He accepted it. We all know he just appears to be strong and cheerful in front of us. We know he's sad. Xiao gu and dar keep telling me, reminding me that in front of grandpa, we canot let our tears drop down. At times, i just can't control.

Right now, hiring a full time maid and home nursing caregiver is our main concern. Anyone has gd recommendations for maids who specialise or has experience in taking care of elderly pls kindly let me know okie? thanks my dears. :) I heard that myanmar maids are better. Isit true?

These few days the entire family busy toggling between hospitals and home. Hope things will get better. Xiao gu keep praying to HIM that may HIS healing hands set upon my grandpa and may we find a gd maid too. Well, though i'm not a christian, or rather, i'm just a free thinker :P... i pray too *pray* I also hope that HE will give all of us strength and courage to face all these.

*Remember to love and take great care your loved ones. Don't wait till it's too late. There won't be time for any regrets*